Individual PDF packs, bundles, and books for the Anime into D&D series are available! Patrons always get the best deals, and Mega Collections contain a year's worth of packs at a discounted price!

 They Look Legit: 
The content can easily be used for nearly any type of campaign, written to look and feel like original content.

It's not Cringe: 
Anime into D&D gets a bad rap for being 'cringe' or 'immersion breaking'. These packs are designed to sprinkle in some anime-themed content without overstepping any boundaries.

There's Varied Content: 
New monsters, races, subclasses, items, and more are available, with at least 3 fully fleshed-out materials being included in every pack! 

It's Quality: 
With custom art on every page and hours of time spent carefully writing each pack, you're receiving around $200 worth of materials in every PDF.

Homebrew has a tendency to be overpowered or cripplingly underwhelming. 
These packs were carefully balanced with the official rulebooks closely in hand! Every pack available on this website has been kept up-to-date for 3 months, ensuring you bring high-quality resources to your table!