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If you have any questions regarding a recent purchase or any products listed,

contact me! I usually respond within 2 business days. Thank you!

Thanks for submitting!

When's my order arriving?
If you submitted your shipping info correctly,
your package will arrive between 1-3 weeks.
International orders are considered pre-orders; you can check estimated delivery times on the product listing.

Can I get a tracking number?
At the moment we don't receive tracking information from our publisher. If your order doesn't arrive after 6 weeks, you can contact us and include your order information for a partial refund or second attempt at delivery.
Are PDFs included with physical products?
PDFs are not included with physical products. Customers interested in PDFs should look towards purchasing the Mega Collection PDF or individual packs (Sold Separately).
When will the next Mega Collection be released?
80 pages of content need to be made for each book in the collection. Considering around 3 pages are made each month (offered as Patreon rewards), and including layout design, manufacturing, and shipping, each takes around 29 months to release.
Can you make a pack about (insert anime here)?

I create a mix of content based on popular airing shows, my own favorite media, and fan suggestions. If I'm starved for new pack ideas and you happened to send a request, I may consider it!

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