Mega Collection 1! [Book]
  • Mega Collection 1! [Book]

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    Get your hands on the first physical book for the Anime into D&D series!
    Mega Collection 1 contains anime-inspired homebrew for D&D 5E! Enjoy well-balanced rules and beautiful art on more than 80 pages, written to both look and feel like original content!

    Mega Collection 1 Includes the following packs:

    • Tsunderes!
    • The Demon Slayer Pack!
    • The Shield Hero Pack!
    • The Fire Emblem Pack!
    • Demon Eyes, Graduation Staves, Danderes, and Kaiju!
    • The Monster Pack!
    • Slayers, Death Books, and Chess!
    • Ghouls, Chefs, and Shut-Ins!
    • Kitsune, Bakadere, and Eevee!
    • Esper, Kuudere, and Demon Weapons!
    • The Assassin Pack!
    • The Undead Pack!
    • Dragons, Chuunibyous, and One for All!
    • Summoning Duels, Friendship, and Thick Skulls!
    • The Full Metal Pack!
    • Idols, Yanderes, and Gacha Game Addicts!
    • The Armor Pack!
    • Slime, Plot Armor, and Theme Songs!
    • Time Travel, a Flail, and a Whale!
    • Soul Contracts, a Deadly Halo, and a Dapper Outfit!
    • Gloves, Explosions, and Isekai!
    • Ring of Bravery, Giant Toads, and Cat Girls!


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    • Product Details

      Book Size: 8.500" x 11.000" (280mm x 216mm)
      Interior: Premium Color
      Binding: Paperback - Perfect Bound
      Cover Finish: Gloss
      Page Count: 88
      Weight: 0.674 lb (305.72 g)

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